Glenn Steiner has explored more than fifty-eight Greek islands by sailboat, motorcycle, ferry boat, donkey and sandaled foot. Glenn's love for Greece and all things Hellenic began twenty-one years ago when he first set foot on the magical island of Santorini.

"The light was extraordinary! All things shifted into greater clarity." To paraphrase Henry Miller in his Colossus of Maroussi, no ugliness could exist in light such as this, only degrees of beauty.

With that first step, Glenn began a journey of study and insight that has taken him to study with Dr. Maria Kotzamanidou of the University of California Berkeley and to San Francisco State University, to focus on the modern and ancient Greek language, their literature, history, movies, art and philosophy.

"The academic experience can carry you only so far. As Plato said in his Dialogues, one must make a choice whether to look at the shadows of the fire, dancing on the cave's wall, or to look directly at the fire itself."

Glenn travels the islands two months a year in search of enlightenment: writing, exploring, teaching and photographing.


In the off-season, Glenn Steiner shoots advertising and corporate photography on location for the world's largest corporations. His assignments have taken him to Europe: Greece, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Turkey, to Asia: the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and across North America: Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Alaska and over twenty-five of the continental United States. Glenn's commercial work has captured many national and regional photographic awards to date. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts Rental Gallery represents Glenn Steiner's fine art Greek prints and photography.  His stock photograph was represented by Freelance Photographer's Guild, the oldest and first stock agency in the world and is now represented by Getty Images.

Glenn is the Co-President of the American Society of Media Photographer-ASMP/NorCal, the Society for Photographic Education-SPE, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals-NAPP.


Personal BIOS

After completing his English degree at Willamette University, Glenn transferred to the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in 1970, to better master the technical, scientific demands of the photography business.

Yet, technique without the powerful balance of art and expression left Glenn wanting for more.

Glenn's epiphany struck during Ansel Adams' "Nude and the Landscape" workshop in the early 70's. He studied the Zone System with Wynn Bullock and Imogen Cunningham. His life was changed. The synergy of technique and art and expression could be achieved without the selling of one's soul. For Glenn, the die had been cast.

The second Ansel Adams' workshop in 1975 brought further revelation, while studying with international masters: Eikoh Hosoe from Japan, and Lucien Clergue of France. Inspired, he pulled up stakes and moved immediately to San Francisco.Glenn continued his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute working with Aaron Siskind, Ruth Bernhard, Oliver Gagliani, and Pirkle Jones (Ansel Adams' first assistant).

Glenn finished his second degree in 1976, and opened his first studio, Glenn Steiner Photography, in San Francisco's SOMA.

For the next twenty-five years, Glenn's studio specialized in revolutionary, experimental work. Using in-camera masking with up to five exposures, multiple images were merged directly onto a single piece of film.

"We had to do it right the first time. Within this discipline, there was no margin for error. Everything had to be placed well and lit perfectly. In retrospect, it was in this way using analog technology that Rose, my assistants and I pre-staged the 'look' and the 'feel' of Photoshop by fifteen years."

"The digital revolution has transformed photography in terms of its immediacy and flexibility. Digital cameras continue to progress on the quality level. I believe that digital has now surpassed the look and feel of traditional photography."

Glenn has been shooting digital assignments since 1999.

After thousands of successful analog and digital projects, Glenn and Rose bring their combined experience and interdisciplinary teaching philosophy to Greek Island Workshops.



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